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Diving in to the Master Key

Chapter one: All that is, in this world, is either within, or without. By without I mean on the outside of us (not your typical word without meaning “lacking”) Here is an example of mine to help you wrap your head around this concept: Abstract concepts such as Art, or media, even society, are a part of the world without. But they are derived from the world within.

Art is not art without your thought behind it.

The world without is only what we make of it. A deserted island is paradise to some, but torture to others, but all it really consists of is rock and vegetation. If you go into a situation expecting it to be torment, the outcome may be significantly different from going into a situation optimistically expecting to find opportunities.

The situation is the same either way. Your perspective is what changes the outcome. The Buddhist concept of inherent existence is similar to this concept of the co-dependence of the world within and the world without.

Current Buddhism teaches that nothing truly is anything until we attach ourselves to it, and even then it is merely a idea. It helps to visualize that the world without is merely a reflection of the world within.

Think of thought as being the cause, (thought belongs to the world within) and condition being the effect (condition belongs to the world without). It is important to remember that the world within is subject to our control, and therefore all power and possession is within our control.

Infinite power, potential and wisdom are to be found in the world within. To gain true power we must become conscious of it, we must learn to see that all true power is found within.


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